As I sit here,13237600_10207640612945676_6812353047873971561_n I can talk to you about more ways to go out and exercise, more ways to eat healthy, more ways to try to ditch those nasty habits you have…but I think it’s about time we got real and start talking about why we get on an unhealthy path to begin with.

It’s all about that mind; those emotions, the things that make you uncomfortable to talk about with others, the ability to let yourself break down and really embrace your baggage. You thought exercise was hard??

Try taking a good, long look at yourself in the mirror. There are things that we can disguise when we’re around other people, and then there are truths that only WE know about ourselves. That can be heavier than any extra literal weight that you may be carrying around.

It’s that cliche saying: I eat because I’m unhappy, and I’m unhappy because I eat. But what is beneath that?  To really FIX problems in your life, you have to face them head on. july4bigmePersonally, as a child, I went through hardships. Some of them are just regular growing up events. I was bullied, so put me in the 90% category of every kid that is bullied.  I was unsure of myself and I was insecure. Ok, call that being a teenager. However, there was something different for me that not all people face. I stuffed my emotions down by stuffing my face. That’s not how everyone deals with things. This is how I dealt with things, and I learned over the years that that coping mechanism was always how I dealt with my emotions (frustrated, pissed off, depressed, and/or stressed out), until I trained myself to cope differently.

If you’re strong enough to lift a weight, then you’re strong enough to control what’s on your plate!

This is all about learned behavior. People don’t eat because they want to be overweight. People eat because we’re bored, we’re happy, we’re sad – and the most obvious, we’re HUNGRY!  It’s the times in between hunger that we need to look at. How can you CHANGE your mind? The other day, I wrote a post about how your life doesn’t get better by CHANCE, it gets better by CHANGE. 13076633_10207489327043623_1810546747119944605_nI mean this in a very literal way, as well as in an emotional way. Think about it as you would any other obstacle/bad habit that you have to overcome. Say you’re a smoker. If you get stressed, and you reach for a smoke – do something DIFFERENT to retrain your MIND. If you get stressed, go for a walk instead! Eventually, you won’t even be reaching for that smoke, you’ll automatically find yourself outside going for a walk instead.

This is about all of those moments where you can catch yourself and say “AHA!” this is what I’m doing, and THIS is why I’m doing it. That’s called, GETTING TO THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM! And that’s when the real CHANGE begins! So really look to the WHY of your behavior. This really applies to all facets of life. WHY do you react this way, WHAT are your triggers, HOW can you create change for the better if you do get set off.

Life is going to constantly test us, and it’s how we choose to react and respond that shape the kind of life that we lead. For me, I got sick and tired of being overweight. I got sick and tired of being emotionally drained because of my relationship to food. I got sick and tired of not being able to do the things in life that I wanted to do. So it’s not just the physical act of changing what I was eating, but really understanding WHY I was eating.

Getting to the ROOT of your behavior is a great place to go, because then you can understand your WHY, WHAT, and HOWS. This, combined with new learned behavior, can create the CHANGE that you want in your life! Check yourself before you wreck yourself!

Photo credit – Thierry Brouard   https://www.premiumparis.com/



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