My Soul; Trained By Music

In most of my pictures, have you noticed that I’m always wearing headphones?  Reason being, music has ALWAYS been a driving force in my life. Plato had it right when he said, “Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul.” 225292_1047734065897_1256_n Music comes on first thing in the morning and tucks me at night.  Music is not just my friend, it’s been a part of the family! Growing up, there was music always being played in the house.  Whether it be my mom, grooving to her favorite tunes, or at one of my Grandparents house parties – Music was instilled in me as a child and has carried me throughout my life! Having a front row seat to the family gatherings, I noticed how music changed people’s attitudes and moods.  At the time, I didn’t understand the emotional effects that music could have on a person. For example, when one of my grandparents house guests’ song came on…  I’d hear them scream, “OH, THAT’S MY JAM!! TURN IT UP!”  You could have given them the worst news in their life and they would reply with, “I’ll get to it in a min…  MY SONG IS ON!” LOL! That’s when I came to the conclusion that music provides a way to escape your problems in life, even if it’s only for a few mins.  Now that I think about it, music helped me get through my chores, like cleaning my room or doing the dishes, when I was a rebellious teenager.  Music has been a huge influence in my life.  Since I wasn’t into sports as a child, I started playing the violin, and then the drums.  The combination of the two gave me knowledge and appreciation for ALL TYPES OF MUSIC.


Have you ever heard the expression, “Just let the music wash over you?”  0B78E772-BE6A-4323-9E35-9E230A6A7ACFor “Music soothes the savage beast?”  Whew! Boy, does it ever!  When I’m in a bad mood, cranky or pissed off, I put the tunes on, sit back and let the music take over.  Music calms me down and helps get me back to center.  I immediately open Spotify and scroll through my playlists, picking out the right song that’s going to put me back in the right mood….Stat. “Nope…Nada…Next… YES!!!

Now, before the weight loss (Lost 250 lbs), I was featured in my first music video, “Lula ft Papa Joe – Last Night A DJ Saved My Life” Which hit #6 on the Dance Billboard Charts.  When I saw myself in the video, I was embarrassed.  FullSizeRender (11)I couldn’t believe that I let my unhealthy habits get out of control.  Here I am, having this opportunity to do something that I loved… “And this is how you look?”  It was then that I decided to take action.  To think, my wake-up wasn’t anything physical, like having a heart attack or stroke, or any other health related issues, but music.  I guess you can say, I was SAVED by music!

Music is a great tool that helps me during my workouts.  Music is all the motivation I need to jump start my workout or activity for the day. i.e. walking, hiking, or going for a bike ride.

As I’m working out and listening to my music, preferably dance, the fast paced sounds pushes my body and mentally keeps me moving! Listening to the melodic patterns in my favorite tunes gives me the extra boost I need to push through any difficulties that I’m facing during my workouts.

No matter whether you’re young or old, healthy or sick, happy or sad – music can improve the quality of your life in numerous ways. It reduces stress and anxiety, lifts your mood, boosts your health, helps you sleep better, takes away your pain, and even makes you SMARTER! I found that listening to music improves your metal well-being and boost your physical health in surprising ways. So here are 4 benefits of music: “TURN IT UP!”


  1. Music Makes You Happier 

Research proves that when you listen to music you like, your brain releases dopamine, a “feel-good” neurotransmitter, which biologically causes you to feel emotions like happiness, excitement, and joy.  So the next time you need a pick-me-up, listen to your favorite tunes for 10-15 minutes.  225530_1808213877417_4336785_n

  1. Music Lowers Stress and Improves Health

Studies show that listening to music you enjoy, decreases levels of the stress hormones in your body, which counteracts the effects of chronic stress. To stay healthy during a stressful day, turn on the tunes. Be sure to sing along and tap your feet to the beat to get the maximum healing benefit. You’ll probably end up burning a few calories too! It’s a win-win situation.

  1. Music Helps You Sleep Better and Reduces Depression

FullSizeRender (25)More than 300 million people suffer from depression around the world.  And 90% of them also suffer from insomnia.  Music helps with the symptoms of depression, and it decreases it significantly when listening to classical music before bedtime. Did you know that listening to relaxing classical music for 45 minutes helps you sleep better? Forget those sheep and turn on a little Bach or Beethoven before bedtime.

  1. Music Elevates Your Mood While Driving

The next time you feel frustrated in traffic, turn up the tunes to improve your state of mind. A study in the Netherlands found that listening to music can positively impact your mood while driving. Have you ever noticed that certain songs remind you of certain road trips? Or vice versa?! It’s because you connect a sense memory to the song!! I totally have different music for when I’m driving vs. when I’m out hiking.  Get rid of that road rage and turn up those tunes!!

Find my music on Spotify: Papa Joe Aviance

FullSizeRender (30)

The #ElectricNegro signing off!  #feelingELECTRIC



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