What is an ELECTRIC Negro?


And I quote, “I’m wearing this bitch out tonight!” Keegan-Michael Key is feeling ELECTRIC!

To start, the Electric Negro shirt has nothing to with race. Yes, people are usually surprised when I say that, but really, it doesn’t.  It was designed to represent strength and to make you smile! It definitely is an eye catcher. So if it’s not about race, then what is it all about?

The Electric Negro is a fictional superhero character that I created to help motivate myself and others. It’s about tapping in and unlocking your inner super-power, knocking down walls and breaking through barriers, to be the best person you can be. We are the dreamers, believers, and goal setting achievers. Staying positive, passionate, focused and STRONG!

Plus, who doesn’t want to feel like a superhero? Over the years, so many people have come up to me saying, ‘I LOVE IT! I want to know more… What’s that all about?” And these are people from ALL walks of life.

When I was a child, I fell in
love with the superhero genre. I started watching the TV shows, like Batman, Superman, The Hulk, and Wonder Woman. Later I fell in love with the movies.  As with any superhero’s story, there’s always an obstacle that the hero must face and/or overcome… It’s not always about fighting their arch nemesis.  As an adult, you’re going to face a lot of challenges in life too, just like a superhero!

Whether it’s your weight, your career, or your friendships/relationships.  Trust, there’s always something to battle! Things will not always go as planned, or your way!

Sometimes we get so sidetracked by things going on in our daily lives, that we forget that we’re going after a dream.  It takes discipline to conquer them.  It takes guts. It takes sacrifice.  “No one ever just FELL on top of a mountain.  Happiness and growth comes from climbing it!” 


Wearing Electric Negro helps me to stay on track. It reminds me to stay focused on my goal/dream. Plus, when people laugh or ask about the shirt, it reminds me to act like a superhero and show some kindness and compassion towards my fellow man/woman.

You may ask me, who is the Electric Negro? Well, we all are in one way or another. Electric Negro is The weird people. The black sheep. The eight balls. The left-of-centers. The wallflowers. The bizarros. The loners. The rejects. The outcast. The misfits. The artists. The connectors. The outsiders. The odd ducks. The eccentric. The broken. The lonely. The lost and the forgotten. 10861051_842213462503840_2350566554782298108_o

As an Electric Negro, its your mission, to dig deep and push past your fears and doubts, stay focused on your goals/dream, while fighting off any negativity that comes your way in pursuit of your happiness.12439519_1006107792781072_1724910860683487192_n

Jo (left) says, “Whether I’m feeling down or if I’m getting ready to go exercise, wearing the Electric Negro shirt gives me more confidence and keeps me positive; ready to take on the day!” We all have dark days every now and then, but the point is to rise above, because you’re stronger than you think you are and you can get through it.  When times get tough, you need a little boost of confidence. The EN is a fighter and a survivor! Remember, “don’t let anyone dim your light, simply because it’s SHINING in their eyes!” To me, this little guy on my chest has became a sign of strength and more importantly, a sign of HOPE! And we all need a little HOPE…


Check out http://www.papajoeaviance.com and get ELECTRIC!

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